Don't feel you there are limitations to using an iPhone. You can access the many apps on the device even while driving through Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay works with Siri voice control, which affords hands-free engagement. That means you don't need to use your hands or divert eyes from the road to access the iPhone. And you may find those apps prove helpful at times.

Apple Maps, music, podcasts, weather reports, the news, text messaging, all are accessible through Apple CarPlay. Access to phone functions, such as playing voicemail messages and making phone calls might be the most valuable feature. Text messaging becomes easier through dictating, a huge plus.

Drive in Lubbock and enjoy an exceptional listening experience through an Apple Music subscription. Search the catalog for available songs or stream one of 100,000 radio stations. Go back-and-forth between several radio stations if you wish.

Take a trek to Alderson European Motors Lubbock to go on a test drive. See how Apple CarPlay works when driving around.


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