Knowing How to Test Your Battery is Vital

Being stranded on the road with a dead battery can be stressful and aggravating, and it can also be avoided if you know how to test your battery. Knowing how to test your battery is important so you can have it replaced before it goes completely dead. Our team at Alderson European Motors Lubbock can give you some great tips on testing batteries and battery maintenance.

Before testing the battery, make sure the vehicle’s lights and the vehicle are turned off. Assuming the red is positive and black is negative; attach the red voltmeter to the positive terminals on the battery. Attach the black voltmeter to the negative terminals on the battery. When you’re done, remove the black terminal first and then the red terminals.

If you want more information on testing your battery, or are in need of a new battery, visit our store in Lubbock and check out our selection of batteries.


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