We here at Alderson European Motors Lubbock want you to be an informed vehicle owner and to understand just how your vehicle works, so today we're going to be discussing gaskets.

Gaskets form a flawless bond to surfaces to ensure nothing can get in or out. Normally, gaskets are flat and made from multi-layered steel, copper, and rubber. The head gasket is the most common type, then the intake manifold gasket, the exhaust manifold gasket, the main bearing gasket, and finally the cam seal.

If you notice your vehicle is overheating, bubbling or foaming within the radiator, pressure building quickly in the cooling system, oil in your coolant, low cylinder pressure, or white tailpipe smoke, this may be signaling gasket failure. Head gasket failure looks something like mayonnaise on your dipstick or the cap to you oil filter.

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