At Alderson European Motors Lubbock, we want you to be safe while driving on the road; we also want to help you keep cyclists safe. Let us give you some tips on making sure you give bicyclists the safety they need.

Always Look Twice

Doing a double glance is always a good idea when traveling on roads where cyclists are common.

Give The Cyclist A Lane

When passing, make sure that you give the cyclist more than enough space, as they are entitled to a full lane on two-way roads.

Come To A Complete Stop When Turning

Stop completely, and look before you turn. Using turn signals is key when communicating with other drivers and cyclists.

Stay Safe Out There, Bikers!

If it happens to be you riding the bike, make sure to stay alert, use reflectors at night, and wear a helmet. When you are ready for a test drive in a car, visit us at Alderson European Motors Lubbock today!



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