As a valued customer here at Alderson European Motors Lubbock, we want you to know about all aspects of your vehicle before you head out on the streets of Lubbock. This means learning how various components of your vehicle operate just in case they require service. One of these features is auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

Though they might not seem very important, auto-dimming lights increase the safety of driving at night by preventing you from being blinded by bright lights in the rearview mirror. These mirrors use a pair of sensors to work with a microprocessor to detect the presence of a glare which then triggers a charge being sent through an electrochromic gel.

Once the charge hits this gel, the gel goes through a reaction that causes it to darken from its original state in process called electrochromism. The gel resides between the two pieces of glass that the mirror is made of. Now that the gel is in a darkened form, it decreases the amount of light that can be reflected in the face of the driver.


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