Building Social Change



One of the latest She's Mercedes pieces zeros in on architect Frida Escobedo, a talented Mexico City architect with a mind for social change. Read the full interview to learn more about her philosophy.

It's prefaced thusly: "From Corbusier’s lofty plans to Walter Gropius’ communal projects, many architects have focused on improving human living conditions. But what does it mean to accept social responsibility in today’s world? And to what extent can a metropolis like Mexico City affect its own fate and perspective? Topics that move our interview partner Frida Escobedo, one of the up-and-coming stars of the international architecture scene."

If you care about design as much as Frida Escobedo does, come out to Alderson European Motors Lubbock at 1702 Texas Avenue and check out our gorgeous selection of new Mercedes-Benz models.

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