Live in the Moment



“I call it reverse religion – it’s a play now, pay later form of life… if you’re sacrificing time for money by doing something you don’t enjoy so you can enjoy life later – you’re banking on something that is not guaranteed. These moments on the mountain are the most rewarding moments of my life”.

These are the words of BASE jumper Simon Guthrie as quoted in "BLINK - a BASE Jumping Film About the Perception of Time." Mercedes-Benz worked with Simon to create another installment of its “Beyond the Action” film series. Click on the link above to learn more about his adventurous, live-in-the-moment approach to life.

Perhaps driving is one of the activities that make you feel the most present and alive. If that's the case, come out to Alderson European Motors Lubbock at 1702 Texas Avenue and try a new Mercedes-Benz on for size.

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